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Brown Rice Cereal

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Enjoy your breakfast with this delicious gluten-free puffed brown rice cereal made from organic and wildlife-friendly jasmine rice, sweetened with organic palm sugar (skor thnot)!

Gathered from native palmyra palms, the sugar is processed naturally and Low GI. It’s delicious, caramel traces and the nutty tones of our jasmine rice blend perfectly to create a delicious cereal!

IBIS Rice is grown by Cambodian farmers committed to the strictest environmental standards: they don’t use chemicals, and they don’t allow trees to be cleared or wild animals to be poached on their land. In return, they are paid a premium for their crops.

🌟 Certified Wildlife Friendly

🌟 USDA Organic 

🌟 EU Organic

▪ Organic

▪ Naturally sweetened with organic palm sugar (skor thnot)

▪ Gluten-free

▪ Wildlife-friendly

▪ Made in Cambodia

▪ Organic brown jasmine rice, organic palm sugar (skor thnot)

▪ Store in a cool and dry place

Start your day with this gluten-free, puffed brown rice cereal made from organic and wildlife-friendly jasmine rice. Its sweetness comes from organic palm sugar (skor thnot), naturally-processed and low on the glycemic index. Enjoy the unique blend of caramel-like and nutty flavors for a delectable breakfast!

Brown Rice Cereal



IBIS Rice is an ethically-driven conservation enterprise working with Cambodian farmers to protect a precious and vulnerable ecosystem while growingpremium organic jasmine rice.

Certified Organic, IBIS Rice is grown by hand on Cambodia’s northern plains, where mineral-rich waters run off the Dangrek Mountains. In this unique environment, their farmers plant just one crop per year, allowing it to mature slowly into the finest quality, fragrant, long-grain jasmine rice—a truly Cambodian variety known locally as Phkar Romduol.

They are dedicated to empowering sustainable farmers that are passionate about safeguarding the environment. That’s why we partner exclusively with certifiedWildlife-Friendly®forest farmers who are committed to preserving the environment through a shared commitment of zero deforestation, zero poaching, and zero chemicals.

Organized by Ecovia Intelligence, The Sustainable Food Awards give recognition to operators who are helping build a sustainable food industry. In 2019, IBIS Rice was named the winner in the category of “New Sustainable Product”. This award is given to a new food/beverage product with important sustainability credentials.