Build your own gift box with Cambodia's best local brands!
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Shop your favorite products all the way from Cambodia, while supporting a network of small businesses and social enterprise to continue creating a sustainable source of income for artisans, local producers, and their families.

 Discover silver pieces that give you a comfort of wearing it and a delicate and stunning look.
Home Decor
Drink your coffee or tea in style with our mugs. Each mug is designed with an eye-catching illustration that truly depicts everyday life of Cambodia. Its rainbow-colored theme will bring joy to your day.
Spread the love of light and specialty scents and bring our natural soy wax candles to your home!
These peppercorns are small drops of peppery heat that explode in your mouth and spice up your food magically. Locally harvested Fleur de sel carries a natural seawater taste that enhances your food to another level.
Explore the taste of Cambodian robusta coffee that is full of aroma and earthy flavor, with a bitter and strong taste, perfect for a cup of espresso or any drinks of your favorite.