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Shop your favorite products all the way from Cambodia, while supporting a network of small businesses and social enterprises to continue creating a sustainable source of income for artisans, local producers, and their families.

showcasing cambodia's robusta coffee

Its strong taste, with a grain-like overtone and peanutty aftertaste, is perfect for a shot of pure espresso or a cup of cappuccino.

showcasing kampot peppers

These red peppercorns are small drops of peppery heat that explode in your mouth and spice up your food flavorfully.


As a small business, we strive to promote Cambodia's best local brands and support sustainable small businesses that value local knowledge of know-how and care for their artisans and environment.


As a small online store, our goal is to create a platform where you experience the best local brands and take pride in supporting small businesses in Cambodia, with shopping made easy online by CamThrive.

Economic Empowerment

Your purchase empowers artisans in Cambodia to continue preserving and mastering their artistry in handmade product while striving for sustainable income.

Conscious Consumerism

Our collection is curated with small businesses' and social enterprises' know-how in sustainable production to help protect the environment.

Waste and Carbon Reduction

We are part of an e-commerce community that package and ship your favorite item in ways to reduce plastic waste and minimize carbon emission.

Stronger Together

The pandemic has tremendously impacted small businesses and social enterprises in unimaginable ways. Your purchase supports them in providing meaningful income opportunities to local people.